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Why Free Tongue


FREE TONGUE EDUCATION CENTER is a professional language center dedicated to provide top-quality Mandarin Chinese teaching programs at affordable prices. Our center provides customized Chinese language training for individuals or groups, students preparing for HSK exams or wanting to learn daily conversation skills, business individuals and international enterprises.

WHY US At FREE TONGUE, we take your learning seriously. It is our mission to ensure that your language acquisition journey is as smooth and enjoyable as it should be. Mandarin Chinese is a difficult language to learn, but we have teaching methodologies to make it easier to acquire and pick up the language in as little time as possible. Our teachers are all highly qualified and trained in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. We also recognize that people from all parts of the world learn differently and have their own preference when it comes to learning. So, we try to match the student and teacher personalities for maximum learning potential whenever possible. Don't take our word for it.... read what our students have to say in our Testimonial page!

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My name is Doris and I graduated from Zhejiang University -School of Media Studies & Humanities. From 2009-2013, I worked as a journalist in an internet media company. From 2014-2015, I worked as a sales and marketing in exit-entry service company. From 2015-2017, I worked as a teacher in a primary language training program in a training institution. I like yoga, swimming, dancing and traveling. I'm an easy-going, patient and warm-hearted person. I am proud to be a teacher!


My Chinese name is Feng ChenCheng and my English name is Jessica. I am a final year college student majoring in International Trade and I am pursuing my teaching qualification at the same time. My hometown is in ShaoXing, a famous place which attracts many foreign tourists. I am a positive girl, and like to play with kids very much. Kids really bring me lots of fun and always make me happy. I like the sentence,"Nothing is impossible." So, I always try my best to do everything well and never give up easily. That is me and I hope to make friends from all over the world.


I'm Becky. In 2015, I worked as a teacher in primary language training program in a training institution and that is how I fell in love with teaching children. Now I am furthering my education in the Zhejiang Business College, Majoring in International Trade. I have good English skills, both oral and written. I love teaching kids!


My name is Sarah Chen. I graduated from the College of International Culture and Education, Zhejiang Normal University. I have a Master's degree in MTCSOL (Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages). During my post-graduate study, I worked as a Chinese teacher in the Confucius Institute in Cameroon, Africa for one year. After graduation, I worked as a Chinese teacher in Zhejiang Gongshang University and joined Free Tongue Education since Nov, 2016. I have a lot of teaching experience with foreigner, as well as a standard Mandarin pronunciation. My students will say that I am full of patience and responsible in helping them to achieve their learning goals.

Why sign up with Free Tongue Education?

Most Professional Mandarin Teachers

Free Tongue Education goes to great lengths to find and retain the best Chinese teachers in Hangzhou. We interview all Mandarin language instructors thoroughly and check their backgrounds to make sure they are qualified, professional, experienced most of all motivated. All teachers and Chinese tutors are native Chinese and have at least a Bachelor's degree or other Mandarin language teaching certifications. They typically have at least 1500 hours Chinese teaching experience. Additionally, we are careful to select only teachers with strong interpersonal and communication skills that make learning Chinese fun and exciting to learn!

Small Class Sizes

Class sizes will be no larger than 8 students (usually averaging 4 or 5). Free Tongue Education is only successful if you learn the language and enjoy your experience. With small class sizes, you will get to speak often in class and interact with the other students and the teacher. Our aim is to maximize personal attention and minimize classroom disturbances.

Warm and Personal Attention From Our Friendly Teachers and Staff

Let Free Tongue Education teachers and staff assist you with any of your needs in China. We can help you organize trips (from planning to booking tickets), obtain/extend your visa, find hotel/apartment accommodations, learning useful daily apps for life in China or any other requests. With onsite native English speakers, native French speakers, and native Korean speakers, we're bound to understand your language. While studying at Free Tongue Education, the staff will do anything they can to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Established and Experienced School - Since 2013

We've learned a lot over the years and with the help of your feedback, we have developed an excellent Chinese language program for foreigners wanting to grasp the language in a short amount of time. With the ultimate goal of being the best Chinese school in Hangzhou, we put a lot of work into maintaining a high level of quality, and we take responsibility and really care for your learning progress.

    Free Tongue is the best Education center we have ever know

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